Sunday, April 26, 2009

My 1st vacation

Two more nights and we’ll be off to Dagupan, the city of yummy milkfish! Meow! Yes, mum said we are going to take a 3-day vacation in our province. Yehey! It’s gonna be my very first time to have this long trip and visit my mum’s family. I’m excited to meet grandpa, grandma, uncles, aunts and cousins! Hope I will still be able to see the long Milkfish parade. I wonder if they offer free taste of the different milkfish recipes...hmmm. We will be celebrating Grandma’s bday on the 30th of this month. It must be full of fun!

Mum said, I’m gonna meet a lot of kittens and cats of different breeds and colors. My uncle calls them “Aristocats”. Here, take a look at these pictures that mum showed me.
Aren’t they lovely and gorgeous like me?
Do you find them attractive at all?

Friday, April 17, 2009

How Much Is That Kitten In The Window

That’s me again! I’m also a nature lover and adventurous like my mum and I love to reminisce here. I love looking at the blue sky and those tiny toy cars down there. We are on the 23rd floor but I wonder how it feels to fly or jump out the window. Mum always makes sure the windows are closed because one time, I was so excited that I jumped out the window. I knew Mum thought I was gone, she was really scared. She was hopeless as she slowly came over but… Voila! I was there on the beam outside the window.  She slowly grabbed me. I knew what she was exactly thinking. I could see the look on her face.  But to be honest, I was also scared. I knew Mum heard my heart beating so fast! I could not imagine how high it was.  Mum loves me so much. She told me how I scared the hell out of her. And that I shouldn’t do that again. She said she does not know where to find me if I fell on the ground. She told me she imagined I was dead crushed on the ground or alive but paralyzed(don’t know what that is) or maybe there was a crying human being or boy down there with scratches and wounds because I fell on him. What a wild imagination!

See my picture? I look like I have huge and long body, don’t I? Don’t mention it! I know I’m sexy and early bloomer.  I’m just a kitten but I can shrink and stretch my body like a worm. Isn’t that awesome!  Believe me I’m still young and virgin!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

That's me attacking mum's hair


Kitty Couch Potato

This was my first favorite spot. Not anymore because Aunt Joan rearranged the couches. Now I could no longer lean on the white cold wall as I lay on top of the couch with my legs and arms hanging. I love it whenever my mum rests her head on it because I get the chance to attack her hair. It feels like I’m playing with yarn ball or a net. No offense mum! I just love your hair.




Thursday, April 9, 2009

I am Trixie!

Hi there! My name is Trixie but call me Trix for short. I'm a Persian kitten but Filipino at heart. :-) I have a fluffy tortoiseshell or tortie tricolor coat. That’s where my name was taken from and was changed to Trics then to Trix or Trixie. But my mum calls me Trixie Kitty. My name Trixie actually means “Joy Bringer”. I love to make people happy but sometimes I scare them away because of my playfulness maybe. I’m a 4-month old, cheerful, playful, cute, curious, adorable kitten – that’s what my mum and other people say about me. Unlike other cats out there that love to sleep all day, eating is my favorite hobby next to playing and scratching! I love to play with almost anything. But one of my favorites is playing hide-and-seek and I always win! You can hardly find me when I’m hiding. Haha! I owe it to my beautiful, dark, chameleon-like coat (yes I can blend with my environment). I’m really good at hiding but I can always find you people wherever you hide.

The first time I came to my new home was a bit scary. I never wanted to go out of the room. Everything was new to me. So I would make sure I'd sniff every corner and stuff in my new home. But now, my mum has a hard time keeping me inside our room. I make sure I slip out so fast the moment she opens the door.

But the first time I met my mum, I knew I like her. I love to play with her hair…and I like getting her attention to show her what I can do. I’m the apple of her eyes. And the food, wow! I eat everything she eats aside from my real food. Haha! I wonder if my mum is a catwoman because her food really really suits my taste. I wonder if those are real cat food too. She also loves to pet me, and I love it so much. I love my mum. Purrr…purrr… Zzzzzz…